About Us

One of the wildest growing companies in metals, stainless steel, and other valuable products.
Having offices in the UK and US, Conexus Global Limited is growing to be among the top reputable companies. We trade and supply products such as timbers, tin plates, steel scrap, brass, copper, and aluminum. The company takes pride in providing exceptional services with 100% customer satisfaction incomparable to its peers. Thus, contributing to our hastily growing reputation. Conexus excels in all aspects of the supply and trading of products in India and the rest of the Asian countries in huge quantities.

Conexus Global Limited has set a benchmark in trading and supplying reliable products, delivering responsible services, and offering rational pricing to clients over the spectrum.

Our Production

Conexus Global Limited trades steel scrap, brass, copper, tin plates, aluminum, and timbers and is prepared to supply your company on a mutually beneficial and regular basis

Why Choose Us?

Conexus Global Limited offers the best services and excellent products and works hard to make a better brand image all over the world. We are proficient at understanding the needs of our customers and remain highly competitive. We deliver fully managed solutions to supply and trade precision parts and complex metal structures as well. In our recent survey, we received awesome feedback, and we are well recognized for delivering excellent service coupled with high-quality products

Excellence, quality, and precision

Our three-fold mantra is excellence, quality, and precision. As a leading trader and supplier of sheet metal and other products in the UK and the US, we are able to handle any precision project using the finest materials. We focus on building quality at all the stages, and our state-of-art facilities are designed keeping this in mind. Our high customer retention rates prove our excellence.


Deliver quality you rely upon

For several years, our quality has not moved a bit away from excellent. For the industries that we work with, non-compliance is the main issue. So, quality has been our consistent focus. We have built a responsive, fast service into our systems and processes. You will never face any problems with waiting for quotes, and we are known for our speedy service.


Highly supportive

We follow some traditional ways of doing business like we don’t force our clients to fit in the stiff set of rules. That is the reason why we are a preferred trader and supplier for most of the customers. When things go wrong, we sit and agree on fixing it. When you are thrown a curveball by your company’s boards or MD, we can go to any extent to help and manage it.


Provide a service that is fully managed

For any business, relationships are very vital. From beginning to end, we are committed to bringing great customer service. Our preferred method has always been our personal service. So, you just have to deal with a single person who is present to answer all your queries. This positions our company as a relied-upon and valuable partner.