The methodology for achieving universal literacy in India has been the extensive addition of the Public Education sector in the recent past. In terms of education, the lack of progress made by programs like NPE demonstrates the importance of increased quality over quantity. We at Rahnuma are committed ourselves to ensure enrolling more children from the rural areas to have access to school and helping them attend classes daily basis. These initiatives have handled various issues like enrolment campaigns and scholarship access, parent-teacher meeting, teacher training. We believe in the concept of assessing the regularity and quality of education of the child rather than just keeping on building more and more schools. Rahnuma tries to expand its outreach by contributing to some particular, skill-based fields like mentorship programs, teacher training, talent hunt examinations, competitions, quizzes, scholarships drives.

Currently, we have education programs all across villages of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. The programs of Rahnuma are personalized for the kids who are underprivileged. This will help them with prevailing reformative practices with reformative actions. Rahnuma believes in the full engagement of the community in awareness and training sessions. We teach the children to display various levels of learning. We at Rahnuma take care of every child through our remedial tuition classes. We have designed these tuition classes in a student-friendly manner that involves activity-based learning.

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Various remote and backward areas in India lack basic healthcare infrastructure. making them vulnerable to epidemics, limiting access to health services, and increasing the incidence of natural-disaster-related diseases, as well as terminal and short-term illness. Around 700 million people reside in our country. Where they do not have access to medical facilities. There is an urgent requirement to introduce noble procedures and practices and improve medical infrastructure. This  will ensure that treatment and healthcare quickly reach every corner of the villages of India. Rahnuma has developed various program for increasing access to affordable and high-quality health services. Rahnuma has encouraged a right approach to reproductive and health for empowering specific groups within communities mainly young girls and woman. Rehnuma works towards strengthening the healthcare delivery system of the Government. We help the most impoverished and backward people in remote areas.

Economic Development

Due to a lack of access to a sustainable environment, job training, and quality education, it is difficult for rural people to earn enough money to cover the cost of even the most basic necessities of life on a long-term and permanent basis. The greatest challenges faced by the people of Indian villages are to secure a sustainable livelihood. We at Rahnuma foundation have recognized the need for this situation and have conducted family upliftment and small business, certificate distribution programs, and skill development training for increasing the scope for a penurious section of rural India for securing a steady income.

We think there is always room for growth. Therefore, we are always ready to collaborate with the partners who may be interested that involves particular skill training over a variety of semi-skilled and low skilled job sectors like simple manufacturing work, tailoring, some basic clerical jobs and counseling sessions, and employment drives that can introduce the needy to a formal employment world.


Rahnuma Foundation empowers and enables the backward community to increase control over their life and shape their future for better

Rahnuma foundation distribute the blankets during the winter, provide the Rasan Kit during the flood and IFTAR Kit during the Ramadan.

Our major activities are:

  • Information Centre: We bridge the gap between the deprived and the government by making a center where any kind of help and information is readily available even in the most remote areas
  • Disaster management: Rahnuma works to protect the lives of the population who are affected by any disaster and provide rehabilitation by empowering the communities of the disaster-hit population
  • Distribution of food kit: Every year, we distribute Iftar kit on Ramadan and Qurbani meat on Eid Ul Adha to the poor masses
  • Drinking water projects: We at Rahnuma provide access to safe and clean drinking water to the poor masses who can’t avail of it
  • Education on wheels: We provide education on wheels to various neighboring villages as a part of the Village Development program

National Integration

As national integration is a multi-dimensional idea, it requires active participation and involvement of the citizens of India in different fields of life. At this hour, the most vital sides of nation-building include analyzing the capability of human resources, creating an enabling environment, and reducing the economic and social disparity existing in our society where everyone can attain the best in their life and can live freely. Hard work and dedication is the key to a powerful, strong nation.

To build nationhood among the masses, we at Rahnuma Foundation celebrate every public holiday to commemorate patriotic and historical events. We celebrate all events with happiness and joy. Moreover, children have also imparted the spirit of national integration to celebrate every festival and national day. We organize various cultural programs, art, and craft, debates, and competition by community people.

A great imbalance is seen in the approach of development between rural and urban India. The wealthy become wealthier, while the poor become poorer. Urban India is on the path to emerging as the upcoming superpower, whereas rural India is lagging far behind with its never-ending journey of exploitation, poverty, and extension too. The actual realities sum unpleasant hues to the shining image of the progress of Indi. So, it is quite essential we need to help the poor to make the growth story of India quite an inclusive one. As quoted by Gandhi Ji, the culture of a nation resides in the heart and soul of the citizens. He also mentioned that as the villages, India would learn to perish too.