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Rahnuma Foundation functions as a cohesive and highly committed nonprofit organization. We work with various NGOs, corporate and government bodies who assist us in achieving our goal to empower and uplift the rural poor of India. We rose funding that directly goes to our programs. Be our partner and together, we can dream big and achieve success. Be it marketing or research, volunteering or funding, our partners are an extension of the Rahnuma foundation itself. We operate in the below-mentioned areas:

Sanitation and clean water: Susceptible communities have problems accessing portable water sources. We at Rahnuma have developed drinking water projects in various parts of the country. We have also installed a water catchment scheme, hand-dug wells, and tube wells. We work with the public sanitization drives in the form of construction of hygienic public toilets, training programs with health workers, and awareness campaigns.
We are in search of new partnerships that can assist us in rainwater harvesting and locality-based purification mechanism. We wish to collaborate with groups who contribute meaningfully to both information and awareness campaigns and support the infrastructure of drinking water and construction of sanitization.

Sustainable livelihood: To empower the rural communities, various skill development training, small business, and certificate programs are provided so that the rural poor earn a steady income.
We are looking for partners to help us with particular skill training all over semi-skilled and low-skilled job sectors like basic clerical work, simple manufacturing work and tailoring work and counseling sessions and employment drives.

Gender equality: The long-term and primary prerogative of the Rahnuma Foundation has been to empower women and ensure their independent social and economic sustainability. We are working on expanding to a more focused initiative of gender equality.
We are in hunt of partners who are working for uplifting the social position of women and normalizing traditional irregular identities. We invite you to join us to form a strategy for the dissemination of awareness and information.

Environment and climate change: Climate change has inflicted disaster on our environment. Our urban and rural projects aim at providing healthier and clean surroundings for the underprivileged.
We’re looking for collaborators to assist us with a variety of environmental awareness campaigns and clean-up efforts. Partners can help us to integrate environment-friendly practices and integrate climate change promotion in our alleviation and development agenda. We are interested in collaborating in awareness campaigns on clean up and climate change drives.

Public education: We aim to ensure that more and more children from rural areas can have access to quality education and check that they attend school on a daily basis.
We are in search of partners who will be able to contribute to particular skill-based areas like mentorship and teacher training programs and provide financial help for talent hunt examinations, competitions and quizzes, and scholarship drives.