A-Star Elevator Pvt Ltd

A-Star elevators in Pune are a well-known brand in India and serve a wide range of consistent clients, including contractors, engineers, and other professionals. Along with the constant support of our clients, our unwavering honesty and exceptional service have helped us to garner both name and fame in this domain. With a high level of client satisfaction, we have continued to rise to better and better outcomes. Your finest option is unquestionably A-Star elevators!

For more than 10 years, A-Star Elevator has been offering industrial and residential elevators with bespoke designs in Pune, Maharastra.

The highest standard of manufacturing, supply, installation, and maintenance of all types of elevators has always been the goal of A-Star Elevators in Pune. Our business employs top-notch engineers, designers, and a well-equipped tech support team with a professional touch.

Quality Excellence

A wide range of high-quality in-house accessories helps our products perform their functions more effectively. Our company is built on quality, and we work relentlessly to lead the market by providing outstanding products and services

Safety & Reliability

To ensure the safety and dependability of our customers, A-Star Elevator has established Safe Net Zones in India. Elevators are watched over by Safe Net Units 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Besides, these centers have capabilities to support in the event of a wide-area calamity, such as a significant earthquake. Also, each product goes through rigorous testing using the most recent technologies to meet all safety standards, which is our core motto.

Innovative Thinking

The most recent inventions, including the usage of drones and IoT for augmented reality, have been triggered by our specially chosen pool of experts, technically proficient, aesthetically skilled, and talented engineers.


Our Product


Services We Offer

A-Star Elevator in Pune provides a wide range of expertly engineered elevators to move efficiently and handle heavy traffic loads.


Our Solutions

Site Meeting

Lift, raise, and hoist mean to move from a lower to a higher place or position. Lift is used for the act of bringing up especially from the ground.

Place Order

Place an order is an idiomatic expression that means: to submit an order. We have to place an order so we have a long-term business plan in place.

Fast Service

AStar Elevators is a cloud adoption strategy that gets you to the cloud fast! Now it’s easier than ever to Lift your web methods integrations.


Delivery Information. Once your order has meet, you will receive confirmation via email or calls.


Space Elevators has a long track record of reliable lift installation services of high quality lift installation.


Lift Maintenance Service is provided by a team of highly experienced professionals on the basis of the client’s requirements.


Our Features

Our manufacturing facility in Pune is adequately established, well-maintained, and provides a great deal of support for Indian startups. The parts used in our lifts can be adjusted to the customer’s needs and meet industrial requirements and international standards.


Unbelievable options

Passengers convenience and comfort top our priority list.

Clean Design

Our product is user-friendly and is a blend of creativity, innovation, and proficiency.

Customized Lifts

Our designs comply with the latest safety standards and are safe, efficient, convenient, powerful and tailored as per your requisites.

Affordable Prize

Reliability and affordability are us. We design in accordance with your requirement to keep you moving safely yet sturdily.

Etching Design

We are ardent about our designs and are here to offer the finest appearance and ambience to your establishment.

Friendly Support

We take pride in our amicable team who earnestly deem in client satisfaction and delight.